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Are You in Your Driver’s Seat?

If you spend any time at all these days catching the news or listening to the state of the economy (I know, what a negative audio system that is…), you may get a feeling of helplessness or a feeling of being out of control!  One of the most popular workshops that is requested by eMerge fans is our “Wheel of Life” one.  I know that I have to refer to my Wheel of Life on a daily basis, especially when change happens or if I have an unexpected change in direction!  If you are having trouble with balancing your wheel of life or just feel stuck, make sure to let us know in this forum and see how we can get you balanced and back on the road. 


Right now we have many exciting happenings at eMerge!  We are offering FREE Windshield Workshops…they are “vision board parties” that help you to get a clear picture of where you want to go, what you want to do or how you want to feel…contact an eMerge PIT Crew member for information on how they can put one together for you.

We have our ongoing eMerge Spring Workshop series…tomorrow night is on the Laws of the Road…this is a fun class…you know the car parts, how to read the signs in life and hold the keys to success…but are you following the laws of the road?  Learn the Law of Attraction, in Action!!!!  This is taught tomorrow night, in Foxboro, from 6:30 to 8:30 by James and I.  I hope to see you there!


Does anyone have any stories they want to share on car parts?  We get lots of feedback from our consumers on using their horn effectively, getting rid of the junk in their trunk and paying less attention to their rearview mirror…I’d love to hear more stories on how you are using our car parts!!!  If you are not familiar with our car parts, please take a moment to download our FREE test drive CD, we let you take a peek under our hood and get you into your driver’s seat today!  Once you start using our language, it is addictive…so pass that CD along to your friends and family and start your car talk!!!   You will never look out your Windshield the same way again! 


I will close with the question: “Are You in Your Driver’s seat?”….and if you are…I want to hear more about it!    Dr. Kelley

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