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“eMerge Gives Back”…

Good morning!!  


Memorial Day is just around the corner and to many of us it means a day to relax, grill out,  catch some sun, get some sand between our toes and to spend time with friends and family.  Here at eMerge, it is an Anniversary of sorts.  Two years ago on Memorial Day is when I got my “download” of the car analogy concept for our personal development program.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  At the time I thought it was simply going to be a Live Presentation Show to help people “move forward”.   What it has turned into is an amazing program that combines the three “KEYS” to your success and everything you need to move forward in one easy to use “vehicle”. 


What has transpired in the past two years has been an amazing journey for our eMerge team.  Many of them have been in my life before my vision and have dedicated countless time, energy and effort to get us where we are today.  Others have joined us along the way and each person has brought their gifts, their flavor, their own peice of gold to this business and as a team, we will continue to “eMerge”. 


At eMerge we have all experienced tremendous growth, strength, courage and purpose while working with the program.  We each love to help others live the life of their dreams.  It is our shared passion and purpose.  We want everyone to be able to experience a life of love, peace, joy and gratitude. 


Our philosophy: “We believe everyone has unlimited potential to be the person they were meant to be.  We also believe that everyone has the potential to change themselves, their circumstances and open doors for their greatest good.  We are simply here to help facilitate opening those doors.”  We want everyone to get into the Driver’s seat of their life, grab hold of their wheel and move forward.  We tell you over and over again at eMerge, “you can’t drive a parked car!”  Sometimes we get overwhelmed, out of balance and are in need of a jumpstart.  At eMerge, we have our own PIT Crew (Personal Inspirational Training Crew) who will get you back on the road of life if you have a breakdown, feel stuck or experience flat tires. 


“eMerge Gives Back”…  

Two weeks ago I was “downloaded” an idea to form a campaign about giving back.  I brought it to the executive team and some of the PIT Crew members and they thought that it was a great idea to implement.  There are those out there who are less fortunate right now and would love to make changes in their life but can’t afford the tools to get into the driver’s seat of their life.  


 Starting today, we are implementing an ongoing program at eMerge with the following guidelines:

For every eMerge Personal Development Program sold (any style), we will put aside a CD copy of the program plus 2 free coaching sessions into a “kitty”.  We will then go ahead and distribute these programs to people who need our services.  We will be working with non profit organizations, community centers, shelters and individuals.  Stay tuned for updates as this program unfolds.


Please help us to help others by purchasing one of our eMerge personal development programs!!!  For each one you purchase, you give another person the opportunity to get into their driver’s seat!!!  You can go to our product page for details on how to purchase one.  If you have no idea what our program is about, feel free to download one of our FREE test drive programs and take a peek under our hood.  You will never look out your windshield the same way again!!!


Have a safe and fun Memorial Day and thank you for helping us to give back!!!!


Dr. Kelley


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