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Are you controlling your Speedometer?

“The forces you are struggling with, that you feel are holding you back - are illusions. They are not real - they never have been. See only the good that you desire in your mind.”  Bob Proctor


Do you realize how powerful you really are?  Do you understand that you are in control of your life and your emotions (your actions and reactions) in every moment?  At eMerge, the Speedometer is our emotional scale.  Are you controlling your emotions? 


Our emotions come from our thoughts.  Change your mind and you change your life.  How are you feeling today?  Your feelings are based on the thoughts you have been thinking.  Are you feeling good?  Then you have most likely been focused on something that brings you joy or makes you happy.  Are you feeling sad, tired, depressed or unhappy?  Then most likely you have been focused on thoughts that make you feel less than good.  You have the power to change your mind.  As you change your thoughts, you change the direction of your life.  You can change your current reality at any time by focusing on thoughts that bring you peace, joy and happiness.  The power is within you.  No one can think thoughts for you.  No one is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness.  You are in control of your Speedometer (emotions). 


Take some time today to pay attention to your feelings.  When you are feeling good, notice what you were focused on.  When you are feeling less then good, notice what you were focused on and change your thoughts to what it is that will make you feel better.  Emotions are energy in motion.  What speed are you travelling at right now? 


For more information on the Speedometer, visit our website and download our FREE test drive CD and take control of your life starting today!


Dr. Kelley

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